Why use SEO and SEA for your e-commerce?

Managing an online store requires multiple skills: inventory, shipping, customer acquisition, negotiating with suppliers or even… improving referencing. Thus, it becomes difficult for everyone to be an expert in all these fields.
But, one of them is of particular interest to us: the work on referencing…. But not only! Here are some explanations.

Why is SEO important in e-commerce?

Today, with an ever increasing competition, not working on SEO means missing out on sales opportunities and a great growth lever.
By investing, even a little, on this theme, the turnover of an e-commerce could take off.

Definition of SEO (or natural referencing)

First of all, it is essential to define what is SEO, or natural referencing. To do it in a concise way, we could say that it is the art and the way to work on your website (and its reputation) to place it at best in the results of search engines like Google, Bing or Ecosia, the ecological engine that plants trees.

Finally, the term SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. We often use the term SEO in our language as well, however, you may hear about SEO, it’s the same thing.

How to improve SEO?

To work on your SEO, it is important to respect some rules: writing original content (via a blog or for your product sheets), filling in tags such as meta-description or title, offering a flexible and fast browsing experience (your e-commerce must adapt to all media), netlinking strategy (having links that refer to your site), internal links, keywords, etc….

This is such an important job that many companies prefer to delegate it to a specialized webmarketing agency. Indeed, going through a provider allows you to benefit from its experience, but also from the unique expertise it offers.
Finally, it is a very important time saving to delegate this part of the development of an e-commerce: you can use this time to focus on your activity, the online sales.

The advantages of referencing

Thus, you will benefit from the advantages of referencing, especially on your turnover! Indeed, with a good natural referencing, you will attract more easily visitors targeted on the theme of your online store. It is a double advantage: more people, but also, a more precise targeting. Of course, this targeting will depend on your referencing strategy.

In any case, by acquiring a greater number of prospects, you potentially increase your sales.
However, for this to translate into a real increase, it is important to also work on the user experience of the site. After all, what’s the point of having a lot of visitors if they can’t navigate your store? 

Why is SEA also crucial to develop your online store?

In addition to SEO, many online stores also work on SEA. With only one letter that differentiates these two terms, it is a totally different strategy that comes into play. Indeed, SEA consists in buying keywords on search engines (like Google or even other sites like Facebook) in order to appear in the first results called « sponsored ».
However, a small nuance is to be brought: these keywords are at auction, it means that it is the e-commerce which puts the most money in these last ones which is displayed first.

Anyway, by investing in SEA, you get quick results (while SEO can take several months): the targeted visitors arrive, in fact, in a few hours on your online store.
Moreover, another advantage appears: search engines notice that there are more people (as Google can do with Analytics or even Chrome), and place your site better on the results related to certain queries. In short, it is a virtuous circle that is set up.

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